Yuhendra Yuhendra, S. Hadi, B. Barus, B. Tjahjono


The development of livestock potential is expected to reduce of production and market unbalances. The nature of
Riau Province, requires effective and efficient planning in supporting the market of livestock commodities inter-regions.
Knowing patterns of marketing of livestock commodities inter-regions able to increase added value of commodities. The
purposes this research are: 1) to analyze the flow of livestock commodities marketing inter-region in Riau Province, 2) to
determine the direction of livestock commodities development based commodities marketing. This research was conducted in
Riau Province with eleven districts and cities. This study used a model analysis of gravity and entropy models with double
constrains. The result showed the distance between regions determine interaction inter-region. The flow of cattle marketing is
influenced by farmers productivity of origin region. Cattle’s production region is directed to Indragiri Hulu, Kampar, Rokan
Hulu and Kuantan Singingi and marketing region to Siak, Bengkalis and Rokan Hilir. The flow of buffalo commodities
marketing is more determined by slaughtering in destination region. Buffalo’s production is directed to Kampar and Kuantan
Singingi and marketing to Pekanbaru, Siak, Dumai and Rokan Hilir. The main factors that determine the flow of broiler
marketing is population in origin region and consumption of broiler in destination region. Development of Broiler’s
production region is directed to Pekanbaru, Kampar, Pelalawan, dan Siak, and marketing region to Bengkalis, Dumai,
Indragiri Hilir, and Rokan Hilir. The flow of cattle and buffalo commodities market moves from south to north and Broiler
moves from region who were in middle to around it.


marketing flow, livestock commodities, inter-regional, origin-destination

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