Publication Ethics


Jurnal Peternakan is one of the journals published by the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Science, State University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau. Jurnal Peternakan is a scientific journal published online twice a year (February and September) which provide research result articles.

The ethics of this publication involve all parties which related in the publication process of this scientific journal, namely the editor, reviewers, and authors.

This publication ethics essentially approve three ethical values of publications, namely (i) Objectives, which are free from interests in managing publications; (ii) Original, i.e. the data used in the publication text is original data and is not manipulated; (iii) Honesty, which is free from forms of plagiarism in publications.



  1. The author is required to follow all stages of publication that have been stated by the Jurnal Peternakan.
  2. Published manuscripts must be free from plagiarism and followed by a letter statement.
  3. Published manuscripts are free from conflict of interest.
  4. The author apply original and accountable data.
  5. The manuscript has never been published and is not in the process of submission or has been received by another journal.
  6. Research that uses objects of livestock must meet the elements of animal welfare and ethical clearance.


  1. The reviewers must be objective in evaluating the reviewed manuscripts and finished according to the agreed time.
  2. The reviewers must maintain the originality of the contents of the published manuscript.
  3. The reviewer who discovers a form of plagiarism in the manuscript under review must notify the journal manager.



  1. The journal manager has the right and responsibility for incoming texts (accepted or rejected).
  2. The journal manager must be objective in processing the manuscript.
  3. Every published manuscript has been processed, reviewed and decided through a management meeting.
  4. The journal manager must maintain the confidentiality of the manuscript.
  5. The journal manager must return the manuscript that was rejected and not used for the benefit of the manager.


The responsible parties for the publication process (writers, reviewers and editors) must maintain academic integrity throughout the publication process. As for economic and business-oriented needs that compromise ethical and intellectual standards must be avoided.

Authors should refer to the International Standards for Publishers and Authors (http:/ of COPE (Publication Ethics Committee) for policies not defined in this guidance.