D. Novia, S. Amelia, N. Z. Ayuza


Salted eggs are a source of animal protein foods suitable for children, adolescents, parents, people in the healing period
and pregnant women. This study aimed to determine the effect of oven temperature on protein content and taste of salted
eggs. This study uses pesisir duck eggs (Indian Runner) fresh 48 hour maximum age of 200 items weighing 65-70 g obtained
from a breeder in Anduring Padang, 3000 grams of brick powder, gray rub 2000 grams and 1000 grams of salt. Research
method used is the method of experiment with Random Design Group (RAK), which consists of 4 treatments and 5 groups as
replicates. Treatment A (oven temperature 70ºC), B (oven temperature of 80ºC), C (oven temperature of 90ºC) and D (oven
temperature of 100ºC). Oven eggs done for 6 hours, then stored for 25 days. Observed variable is based on dry weight protein
content and taste of salted eggs. The data obtained were statistically analyzed with F test, if influential followed by Duncan's
test. The results showed different effects very significantly (P<0,01) on texture, significantly different (P<0,05) protein
levels, showing the influence of different flavors but not significant (P>0,05) to the aroma of salted eggs. Based on the
research results can be concluded that the oven temperature best eggs after 25 days of storage is at a temperature of 90ºC with
a 37,00% protein content, taste 2,47 (like), aroma 2,38 (neutral) and texture 2,66 (like).


oven, protein content, salted eggs, taste, temperature,

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24014/jupet.v8i2.200


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