Eksekusi Journal Of Law, E-ISSN: 2686-5866P-ISSN: 2714-5271 Published since 2019 by Department of Law, Faculty of Syari'ah and Law, Sultan Syarif Kasim State Islamic University Riau  originally titled Eksekusi: Journal Of Law . Eksekusi: Journal Of Law focused on various subdiscipline of the legal science. 

  • Basic principle of jurisprudence
  • Private law
  • Criminal law
  • Procedural law
  • Economic and business law
  • Constiutional law
  • Administrative law
  • International law
  • Law and society

In addition to these fields, Eksekusi : Journal Of Law also accepts texts covering topics between law and other scientific fields sociology, legal anthropology, law and economics, and others. 

Journal titleEksekusi : Journal Of Law
LanguageIndonesia, English 
ISSN(E-ISSN: 2686-5866P-ISSN: 2714-5271)
Frequency2 issues per year (Juni & Desember)
AcreditationSINTA 4 Current Acreditation
Editor-in-chiefRudiadi, SH., MH
PublisherProdi Ilmu Hukum Fakultas Syariah dan Hukum UIN Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau
Citation AnalysisGoogle ScholarGarudaMorarefCrossref.

Published 2 (two) times a year in June and December. starting Volume 5 Number 1, Each issue contains 8 articles, both conceptual articles and research articles. Execution: Journal Of Law is published in Indonesian, but English texts are also accepted.

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Vol 6, No 1 (2024): Eksekusi : Journal Of Law

Table of Contents


Roy Hakim Lubis, Ardi ansah, Bahrum Azmi
Ninne Zahara Silviani, Agustianto Agustianto, Putri Rahayu
alfi syahri, ardiansah ardiansah, Bagio Kadaryanto
fanny fanny, irawan harahap, bahrum azmi
Hendri Hendri K, Hendri Hendri K
Ilfan Afriandi Jahri, Eddy Asnawi, Rudi Pardede
Muhammad Rahman, Sudi Fahmi, Bagio Kadaryanto
Cindy Plenita Purba