Call for manusripts


Jurnal Dakwah Risalah accepts manuscripts for publication in Volume 35, Issue 1 of 2024. Da'wah studied in this journal is academic in nature. The journal does not aim to invite people to convert to Islam but the word da'wah here implies that it is studied empirically. Da'wah is an activity that is always carried out by Muslims both individually and collectively. The phenomenon of da'wah practiced by Muslim communities is the focus of this journal so that this journal does not publish articles based on a normative approach that looks at the truth side of Islam as the concept of da'wah understood normatively by Muslim communities. This journal will publish articles that study the da'wah carried out by the Muslim community as it is. The manuscript submitted should discuss Da’wah (Islamic Proselytizing) including Local Culture Da'wah, Da’wah for Development, Da’wah for Islamic Moderation and Contemporary Da'wah. The manuscripts submitted should comply with the template and author guidelines. All submitted manuscripts will undergo a double-blind review and editing process by the editorial board. 

Posted: 2023-12-04
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