Ellya Roza, Yasnel Yasnel


This paper is part of the results of research, one of the objectives is to know the penetration of Islam on religious social, especially the field of education that occurred in the community Rokan Hulu. Due to this study of social science research, the method used is in accordance with the social science method guided by theoretical framework by using qualitative approach done in four stages of work namely (1) heuristics, (2) criticism, (3) interpretation, and ( 4) historiography. The research is descriptive form of research that gives a description or describes a complex reality so that the explanation and analysis and interpretations are met. The research location is Rokan Hulu Regency because predicted Riau Islamization comes from Barus adjacent to Rokan Hulu. The results prove that Barus became an important port after Melaka in the world of commerce. In addition to trade, they are traders also broadcast the religion of Islam and make emotional connection with the local community and marriage so that many tombs of Middle Eastern communities in Barus that can be witnessed today and has been studied also by scientists from various countries. The spread of Islam in Barus spread to the surrounding area like South Tapanuli known as “Serambi Mekah” of North Sumatra. By looking at the position of Rokan Hulu adjacent to South Tapanuli, it can be predicted that will be affected by the Islamization so that it will affect the religious social community of Rokan Hulu including education. The nickname of “Negeri Seribu Suluk” to Rokan Hulu is an indication that Rokan Hulu is a temple of Barus Islamization so that it affects the religious education that grows and develops in Rokan Hulu Malay society such as the number of houses of worship and “surau-surau suluk” which until now still become the icon of the area. The birth of the Sufis who developed the Naqsyabandiyah congregation in Rokan Hulu was an implementation of the religious life of the Malay Rokan Hulu people, in which they chose a special way of nicknaming to draw closer to Allah SWT.


penetration of Islam, religious education, tarekat, suluk

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