Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

POTENSIA: Jurnal Kependidikan Islam accepts articles related to: (1) concept, sources, basic, goals, history, philosophy and thought of Islamic education; (2) Islamic perspective on science, human, educators, students, and educational environment; (3) curriculum, media, methods, strategies, approaches, evaluation, infrastructure, management and administration in Islamic education; (4) integration of science and Islam; (5) contemporary issues concerning Islamic education; and (6) other important themes related to Islamic education


Section Policies


Checked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

POTENSIA: Jurnal Kependidikan Islam selects peer review in reviewing the submitted manuscript. The journal follows a systematic peer review and publication policy:

Step - 1: The submitted manuscript is acknowledged within 12-24 hours upon receipt.

Step - 2: The editor checks the manuscript related to the suitability of the theme with the focus and the scope of the journal.

Step - 3: The manuscript is sent to a reviewer. The practice of peer review is to ensure that only good article is published. It is an objective process at the heart of good scholarly publishing and is carried out by all reputable journals. The peer review process takes maximum two weeks.

Step - 4: The review reports are collected from the reviewer and the editor will send the review reports to the authors including all terms and conditions of the publication.

Step - 5: If the paper is accepted subject to modification, the editor will send the review reports to the author/corresponding author including a formal request to modify the paper by seven days as per the suggestions of the reviewers. The author will send the modified paper to the same reviewer of the said paper to justify the modifications. If the paper is again returned by the reviewer, the paper is said to be finally rejected. The journal will not proceed with the said paper. However, in case of very minor changes, the editorial board may consider the paper for further modifications.

Step - 6: The accepted paper is processed for publication (soft copy) upon the successful completion of the journal’s terms and conditions.  

Step - 7: Proof Reading. The editor will send the processed paper for publication (MS Word) to the author/corresponding author for proof reading.

Step - 8: The paper is published online first. The editor will notify the author/corresponding author about online publication with necessary download link. The author/corresponding author may request for any correction in published paper (in case of extremely important changes) within one week of online publication.

Step - 9: The journal is published in print within one until two weeks of online publication.

Step - 10: The editor will ask the authors of the published papers to send their correct and complete mailing address (with proper ZIP Code and postal code) by one week after print publication.

Step - 11: The editor will send the hard copy of POTENSIA: Jurnal Kependidikan Islam if possible to the authors within one or two months after print publication.


Publication Frequency

POTENSIA: Jurnal Kependidikan Islam published be-annual, June and December.


Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.


Scanning Plagiarism

Submitted manuscript in this journal will be checked for plagiarism by editor and without review