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Women's issues and career is an issue that often discussed in the context of nation building. women as one of the nation, lately showing increasing role in all fields whether in the government or private sector and entrepreneurship. This research, as a preliminary study for the career woman of respondents predict a student of UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia from the perspective of career personality and personality of way of thinking. this study using a quantitative approach completely, then the collection of information made using a questionnaire measuring instrument. The questionnaire is an effective way to get information from respondents. This study used a questionnaire which is divided into five parts. The first part consisted of demographic variables.the second part consists of interest baklat personality scale, the third part is the dominant personality scale and openness, and the fourth part is the personality of way of thinking. A total of 285 respondents Malaysia's national university students who participated in this study shows a model national university student career personality Malaysia. There are several forms of student personality model, namely: First: student career personality UniversitiKebangsaan Malaysia is the highest average in Social Personality, the next investigative and conventional. While the lowest is artistic, the next is realistic and entreprenersip. Secondly, personality Realistic by the faculty, the highest level is on the faculty of social sciences, information science and technology further engineering of the built environment. Third, personality according to investigative faculty, the highest level is on the faculty of information science technology, engineering, built environment, science and technology, medicine and social sciences / humanities. Fourth, the artistic personality by the faculty, the highest level is on the faculty of social sciences and humanities and then medical faculty. Fifth, social personality by the faculty, the highest level is on the faculty of social sciences of humanity, following Islamic studies, education and economic management. Sixth, personality entrepreneursip by the faculty, the highest level is on the faculty of economics  management and science faculty kemasarakatan next. Seventh, conventional personality by the faculty, the highest level is on the faculty of economics / management and further social science


Women's issues, students


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