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Due to various terrorist incidents committed by the radical-international terrorism, there are many human and property casualties brought concerns from many quarters. In general, actors of radicalism never get the formal and non-formal education in religious institutions. Some underestimate religious educational institutions. The above conditions led some to worry, while religious institutions are not able to transform religious and cultural values of local wisdom to students well, the actions taken by the radicals will continue. Though there is no one else in this world religion that encourages its followers to conduct chaos and destruction. Islam does not encourage its followers to make destruction on the earth. Islam should be the blessing for the universe. So also with the ethnic culture of the nations living in the eastern parts of the world, including Indonesia, are all high support human values. Radicalism movement is caused by socio-political conditions deliberately created by those who hate each other, which in turn makes some people feel injustice. To make radical-terrorist movements in the future no longer exist or at least will be minimized, the religious educational institutions must be able to transform religious and local culture values which are universal to the learners to be carried out in the life of society, nation and religion.


Religious Educational Institutions, Radicalism and Local Culture


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