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in order to achieve quality of education, the role of teachers is very important. For that, the professionalism of teachers should be enforced in a way the fulfillment of the terms of competencies that must be mastered by every teacher, in the field of material science expertise and methodology mastery. Teachers must take responsibility for their tasks and develop cooperation with other teachers through participation and development of teachers' professional organizations. To achieve a professional teacher condition, the teacher must make the orientation of quality and professionalism of teachers as their work ethic and made it a cornerstone orientation behaves in professional tasks. Therefore, teachers' professional code of ethics must be upheld. In its development, it was realized that the profession has not been in an ideal position as expected, but it must be continued towards the best. Things that need attention by a teacher to improve the quality of education are to reposition the existing roles and improving the quality of her personality and skill. There are many ways you can do to improve the quality of self, such as: active in seminars, workshops, and research. Sensitive to the offers by the government to improve the quality of teachers and education such as certification and college scholarships


The Quality of Education, Teacher Professionalism


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