Amril Mansur


The hermeneutic of al-Q­ur’an that is set forward by Hasan Hanafi seeks such as an interpretation of Qur’anic texts whose methodology which is oriented to liberate the life of people from despotism, cruelty, underdevelopment and stupidity become that of a justice, a liberty and a development. For Hasan Hanafi this hermeneutic is not only the interpretations technique that is methodical orientation to an objectively theorizing as being in theoretical hermeneutic or the philosophical interpretation as being in philosophical hermeneutic, but also, it is an instrument that serves on an interest activism critically and emancipatory for the current human life. The hermeneutic of al-Qur’an in which has three stages namely the historical critic, the eidetic and the activism, according to Hasan Hanafi can make meaning of the Qur'an’s verses in function very well for disappearing despotism. Nevertheless, it also certainly opens to opportunity to reduce meaning of the ethical temporal rightness. For prohibiting to this such implications should have been needed to use dialectics in analyzing khair li zatihi and khair li ghairihi.


Texts, hermeneutics, and interpretation methodology

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24014/af.v4i1.3749


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