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Appreciation and good religious experience has a considerable influence on the physical and
mental health and can improve psychological wellbeing. Psychological wellbeing is an important requirement.
These needs can be obtained by instilling religious and moral values one of which is to forgive. This study tries to
explore the subjective quality of life associated with psychological well-being of women prisoners in prisons II B
Pekanbaru in relation to forgiveness.
Research data collection using a scale of forgiveness and psychological wellbeing with forgiveness scale
validity of test results ranged 0.271 to 0.763. While the scale of psychological wellbeing validity of the test results
obtained 0.261 to 0, 674. Based on the obtained reliability test forgiveness scale reliability coefficient of 0.829 and
0.817 scale of psychological wellbeing. Normal distribution of data and linear correlation coefficient r obtained at
0.387 with a significance level of 0.000 (p <0.001). Contributions forgiveness of psychological wellbeing by
15%. Thus the proposed hypothesis there is a relationship between forgiveness (Forgiveness) with psychological
wellbeing in women inmates is accepted. Forgiveness related to welfare by changing the mind, emotions and
behaviors negative to a positive response


Forgiveness; Psychological Wellbeing; women in prisoners

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