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Towards Integrated Educational System Through Dichotomy Deconstruction of Science: The development of science and technology plays a key role in developing the community which is directly related to education. However, the quality of education in Indonesia including Riau is still low. Educationalists claim that one of the factors as to why it happens is that there is a belief that there is a sort of dichotomy of general science and religious science. Through books and our everyday talks we often hear the terms general science and religious science from which other terms such as general school and religious school, general faculty and religious faculty were born. Nevertheless, it was discovered lately that this was caused not only by the dichotomy in science but also by the dichotomy in leadership and management systems. A leader sometimes does not position himself as a leader and a manager, while in managing an educational institution both leadership and managerial attitude must be planted in the manager’s mind. This article tries to explore the above insight because the discourse of the dichotomy in education seems to give an image that there is a separation between general science and religious science, whereas the dichotomy in leadership and management also gives an image that there is a separation between the leader and manager.


Education, dichotomy, Deconstruction of Science


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