EMOSI MELAYU Tantangan dan Peluang Dunia Melayu di Asia Tenggara

Ilyas Husti


Recently, the Malay community is often connected to an emotional question that in the Islamic terminology is identified as jihâd (holy war) in its internal and external meanings. The global phenomena like May 13 incident, September 11 attack, invention on Iraq, bombing in Bali, and different conflicts in various regions are phenomena attributed to emotion. Ironically, the Muslims usually become a "scapegoat" of such events. Malay community in Southeast Asian region, especially Indonesia, from day to day undergoes troubles as consequence of collision of civilizations, secularism, modernization, capitalism, revolution, materialism, hedonism, etc. If the Muslims have high quality human index, then all of such troubles can be overcome and Islamic development can be concentrated in Southeast Asian Malay.


Malay emotion, holy war, and Islam


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