Analisis Pengendalian Persediaan Sepeda Motor Honda Dengan Penerapan Klasifikasi Always Better Control Pada Dealer Putra Suryajaya Raya II

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Stock control is an effort made by a company in providing the goods needed for the production process to be fulfilled optimally so that the production process runs smoothly and reduces risk funds that will occur such as shortages of goods. After being evaluated, it turns out that the average demand for motorbikes increases every month, due to the large number of motorbike sales per month, this causes Putra Surya Jaya Raya II Dealer to provide sufficient motorbikes according to their needs in order to support quality service and can add value to investment. for Putra Surya Jaya Raya II Dealer, Ujung Batu Sosa. ABC analysis is a method of classifying goods based on the ranking of values from the highest to the lowest value, and is divided into 3 major groups called groups A, B and C. By calculating safety stock, control of motorbike supplies will be optimal, namely class A 6 motorcycle brands. attention / prioritize. Based on the calculation of the ABC analysis used to determine the priority of motorbikes included in group A as many as 6 types or 8.96% of all types of motorcycle inventories with an investment value of Rp. 973,130,000 or 65.56% of the total investment. There were 5 types of motorbikes belonging to group B or 7.46% of all motorbikes with an investment value of Rp. 338,770,000 or 22.82% of the total investment in motorbikes. Meanwhile, there were 56 types of motorbikes belonging to group C or 83.58% of all motorbikes with an investment value of Rp. 172,450,000 or 11.62% of the total motorcycle investment at the Honda Putra Surya Jaya Raya II Sosa Authorized Dealer.

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