Usulan Peningkatan Kualitas Kain Batik Semi Tulis menggunakan Metode Six Sigma

Atika sutaryono




                   Rumah Batik Andalan is community development  PT. RAPP who became a producer of Batik Bono Riau. Kain batik semi tulis produced by RBA has quality problems, many defects aren’t in compliance with the product criteria standards in the RBA. The objective of the research is identification, measure and analyze the causes of defects in the product and provide suggestions for improving the quality of kain batik semi tulis products. Application of the six sigma concept using the DMAIC method. The dominant defect happens based on pareto diagram is the resulting color is not on request and color out of design. The initial sigma level obtained was at sigma 3,375. Defect factors were analyzed using fish bone diagrams. Determination of action plans for improving product quality through the 5W+2H method. The results of the research is standardize SOP so companies have standard procedures to set. After the imrovement has taken place, the sigma level is found in sigma 4.


Keywords: CTQ, DPMO, Fish bone, 5W+2H, Six Sigma

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