Fuzzy Sugeno with Gain Compensator Based on Pole Placement for Controlling Coupled Water Tank System

Halim Mudia, Ahmad Faisal, Marhama Jelita


The control of liquid level in tanks is a classic problem in process industries. Most of the liquid will be processed by chemical or mixing treatment in the tanks. Because of that, the liquid level in the tanks must be regulated, so that in order for this system to work as we want, it needs a control strategy. Therefore, this research will use a control strategy using fuzzy sugeno with a gain compensator based on pole placement for controlling level of tank 2 in the coupled water tank system with setpoint is 10 centimeters at time 0 seconds and 8 centimeters given at time 1000 seconds. Wherein, the gain compensator based on pole placement is used to make the output system robust to changes in setpoint with zero steady-state error and fuzzy sugeno for faster time response. The results show that using the fuzzy sugeno with a gain compensator based on pole placement can follow setpoint given with 0 centimeters of steady-state error, 0% for overshoot, 44,6538 seconds for rising time, 62,2688 seconds for settling time and can follow setpoint changes in 58,8662 seconds.


Coupled Water Tank Fuzzy Sugeno Pole Placeme

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24014/ijaidm.v5i1.16350


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