Human Face Identification Using Haar Cascade Classifier and LBPH Based on Lighting Intensity

Hutama Hadi, Hasdi Radiles, Rika Susanti, Mulyono Mulyono


The problem in implementing online learning during the Covid-19 era is the lack of internet access for video streaming, especially in small towns or villages. The solution idea is to minimize the video bandwidth quota by only showing emoticons. The first step of the process is the system must be able to lock the face area to be translated. This study aims to identify areas of the human face based on camera captures. The research was conducted using the Haar cascade classifier algorithm to recognize the facial area of the captured image. Then the Local Binary Pattern Histogram algorithm will recognize the identity of the face. The lighting scenario will be used as a distracting effect on the image. The results showed that based on 30 sets of images tested in bright conditions, the system was able to recognize facial identities up to 62%, normal conditions 51% and dark conditions 46%.

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