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A shift toward benefits-oriented products and The rocketing popularity of polyurethane have resisted much of the interestoccurring in the mattress pad and topper group. Driving this revived interest based on U.S mattress pad providers, has been the consumer's growing concern for wellbeing andbetter sleep and a diminished need for pads as protective obstacles.

Recent trends have blurred the lines between traditionalmattress pads and toppers, which can be utilized to boost the mattress' sleep surface. Moderate and better priced pads now oftenincorporate some improvement of the sleep surface. Ron Murphy, vice president of Hollander Home Fashions' Laura Ashley utility division, said that the overriding influence has beenan innovation story that's helping the category drive sales. "Mattresspads haven't really changed all that much recently exceptfor fabrications.

Thus, Hollander is hoping to deliver innovation and some excitement to the category with two new items we'vedeveloped in the last eight months," he further added. Among Hollander's patented innovations has to Do with construction. Its new Cuddlebed Supersides mattress pad offers a gussetedside wall in three comfort heights to get a good, better, best sleeping experience. The choices feature a one inch High Attic, oneand three-quarters inch Supreme Loft or two and a half inch Ultimate Loft gusset, which raise the amount of support.

CuddlebedSupersides pads range from $29.99 to $49.99, depending on the level of loft. The other new innovation by Hollander entails fill. The organization's Dreamy Nights mattress pad features a down alternativecluster unlike the usual bonded polyester fill as well as a one-inch gusset to get a pillow-top feel. Hollander borrowed thistechnology out of its cushion business and implemented it to pads, understanding that the clusters cradle can proceed with thebody and help eliminate pressure points.

A visual of the cluster fibers is displayed on the packaging, so customers can see what'sinside the pad and better determine if it's worth $49.99 for a queen size. "I think the industry has attempted to make Its goods different every season, but there are just so many ways to alter thestructure with fabric, thread count, etc.." Murphy explained. "So far, we have had great success in promoting this story toretailers so that they can have something new to sell in mattress pads." He said customers understand that these Products can extend the life of the mattress and enhance sleep, and they are willing topay more.

 "If you talk to the consumer and can show them a reason why they. Should commerce, they will," said Murphy. "You've gotto spell out how the product is going to improve their sleep." "In Reality, the lines between mattress pads and toppers have really blurred in that suppliers are Focused on boosting the sleepexperience as opposed to protecting the mattress.

 It is really about the advantages," said Murphy. According to Scott Waiters, director of Item growth at Louisville Bedding Company, "A growing number of customers are purchasingbed pads for comfort--a lot of it as a result of spa and hotel amenities trend. Folks are taking this trend and translating it intheir own homes."

Walters went on, "There's a shift going On more performance-driven features, which has been affecting several sections of the business.

 We think that the traditional, practical mattresspads will move away into cloths on mattress shirts such as double andcircular-knits with nicer, smoother finishes and surfaces." From an amount of fill standpoint, Walters Explained The industry has hit a wall concerning unique things it can do to make padsunique. "There's certainly opportunity for some new constructions and fills," said Walters. "Packaging is critical.

Speaking aboutthe advantages products offer is vital. We don't really do any national advertising within an industry, so there isn't the exactsame sort of awareness since there is in the mattress industry." Joe Blazar, manager of marketing for its consumer products division at Leggett & Platt, Said, "The bedroom is now a sanctuary forthe majority of people today. People live in their beds much as they do on their couches that are conventional. They could usetoppers to better their bedding encounter and include more comfort." The dollar impact is that the driver, he said, As it is a higher ticket item that doesn't take up much space.

"It's the foam thatproduces the relaxation that offers the enhancement," he added. "Down can be still one of the primary properties in this class dueto the warmth it provides and the visual demonstration it offers." Blazar believes the industry is just starting To find the consumer react to foam, and earnings will begin to reflect this trend"Foam is causing consumers to exchange up by purchasing new bedding collections and buying or upgrading present pads or toppers,"he said, adding that there will be much more activity this autumn with retailers hitting the category difficult.

"When Pillowtex moved off, it place The mattress pad company into play. It was used to be a very drowsy class and people wereforced to rethink it in terms of placements," said Fritz Kruger, vice president of marketing at Pacific Coast Feather, who alsostressed the value of the new benefits orientation. "It was about bed skirts which would fit as opposed to those that didn't, andnow there is much more of a focus on the advantages that each product provides." said Kruger.

"It's a far more shoppable classthat has enhanced its own offerings, how it differentiates itself and the advantages it gives." He then pointed to the increase of the mattress sector with newer options in air mattresses and visco-elastic foam. "A brand newmattress is a way to enhance your sleep, but so is adding layers With fiber beds, featherbeds and mattress toppers," he said. Aging baby boomers looking to purchase these Types of goods offer you another favorable reality. "Fiber beds, Featherbeds andvisco-elastic toppers all sense different and perform Differently, so the consumer just needs to try out which one works forThem."