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In FIFA17, EA Sports first introduced " Marquee Matchup ", which is roughly equivalent to the weekly derbis. Eg, a weekly Squad Building Challenge that highlights the seven most important games of the week. There were usually 4 of them and each had their own coins for free with

FIFA 18 free coins generator. For each match, there are a lot of players in the league or the nation that is on the pitch. In the beginning, it was possible to win all acceptable finishes, but by the end of the year it was getting rougher, even if we could collect a Team of the Week package with

fifa 18 ultimate team hack points.

At first, the date was still changing, and then the actual SBC arrived on Thursday at 18 o'clock. This is to be presented on Tuesday. Probably in FIFA18 this will be the date of release, yet it is not unthinkable that EA will resume on Thursday.


Why is it worth guessing which is the " Marquee Matchup " weekly ? Over the last year, it was a great investment opportunity to try and invest in the futsalists in the respective teams. This is no different now; there will be plenty of potential in it. It is more and more popular, but it can still generate profits. Let's see what the top seven are in the first week.


By the end of the day, only 4 pairs will be added to the SBC. Let's see what the cowboy will do:

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