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QUARTZSITE, Ariz. — “Road Virus” is really a 32-foot-extended matte black “skoolie” that's the rolling house and bookstore of Emily Black, 35, a former librarian and an alumna of the Bay Spot tech start off-up, and Sade Black, 27, a musician and writer. From it, the couple sells horror, science fiction, erotica along with other so-known as fringe lit, in addition to oddities like raven skulls, preserved scorpions and postcards despatched by Charles Manson. For the final thirty day period, they are parked below in front of Reader’s Oasis Books, an idiosyncratically stocked emporium presided above by Paul Winer, a sinewy previous rock ’n’ roller or else known as the bare bookseller since he wears just a sock over his private parts. Skoolies are faculty buses which were turned into homes on wheels, plus the Blacks, who bought theirs by means of Craigslist for $7,500 and are on the street for just a 12 months, are new associates of a sprawling and disparate tribe of vehicular nomads that

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