Modifikasi Metode Newton-Steffensen Tiga Langkah Menggunakan Interpolasi Kuadratik

Wartono Wartono, Eka Jumianti


The Newton-Steffensen’s method is iterative method that using for solving a nonlinear equations
resulting from the modification of the Steffensen’s method. In this paper, the author developed the
Newton-Steffensen’s method written by Sharma [10] using by the quadratic interpolation. Based on the
study results obtained the new iteration equation with six-order convergence that involving five evaluation
functions with efficiency index 1,43097. Besides, numerical simulations performed on some functions with
different initial guess value and obtained that performance of the new method is better than the Newton’s
method, Steffensen’s method and Newton-Steffensen’s method.
Keywords: efficiency index, Newton-Steffensen method, orde of convergence, nonlinear equation

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