Optimalisasi Pelayanan Kesehatan Melalui Integrasi Data Rekam Medis Rumah Sakit dan Puskesmas

Suwanto Sanjaya, Lola Oktavia


Each patient was treated at the hospital will be recorded in medical records at the hospital or
clinic. Medical records of a patient in a hospital or health center is certainly not complete because patients
treated in different health centers and hospitals.Medical record separately in each health center and the
hospital complicates the search and analyze medical history. Surely this can reduce the level of health
care to patients. In this research, created a system that can integrate medical records each health center
and the hospital. Medical record data were taken from the Ibnu Sina hospital, Eria Bunda hospital, Stabita
Clinic, Nurul Shadri Clinic and Assyafni Clinic . Every business processes in hospitals and clinics traced to
create a web service that will be parsing the medical records of each application to hospitals and clinics.
With the implementation of the web service, medical record will be integrated with each other, thus
simplifying the processing, and search history data medical records of patients. A complete medical record
helps doctor to analyze disease and treatment process. This helps hospitals to improve health services for
Keywords: Data Integration, Hospital, Medical Records, Patient, Web Service

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Maret 2013


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