Simulasi Diskrit untuk Pengaturan jumlah Gate pada Commuter Line Jabodetabek Rute Perjalanan Bogor - Jakarta Kota

Winnie Septiani, Pudji Astuti, Fitria Helmanila


The purpose of the present study is to to develop discrete simulation models for setting the
number of gate entry and exit gate in the e-ticketing system commuter Jabodetabek travel route Bogor -
Jakarta Kota. Discrete event that occurred in the queue gate entrance and exit gate of which is the Line
commuter passenger arrival in the gate entrance and exit gate and passenger service level in the system.
Based on the analysis of passenger and utility ratio of gates at 24 station, there were four groups of
stations and four groups of the time. The performance evaluation system was based on: number of
passengers in the system (LS), the number of passengers in the queue (Lq), waiting time in the system
(Ws) and the waiting time in the queue (Wq) used a software application program WinQsb Queuing
Analysis. Results of the evaluation of the proposal setting the number of gate entry and exit gate showed
utility value higher than the previous condition. The proposal was expected to improve the effectiveness of
e ticketing system commuter Jabotabek
Keywords: commuter line, dicrete simulation, e-tocketing system, number of gate, utilities

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